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Involvement in any league or level of play is directed by player registrations received at the  LOCAL Association for your area.
Registration is the key.
CSL will look at alternate arrangements to accommodate individuals/groups of players from areas that report not enough registrations for a team. 
Registered players will have their interests addressed subject to CSL policies.
Mt. Brydges,

and area
and a
Last rosters are being finalized...still time to be a part.  One game, one inning, one play at a time.  Every player, every position is important to the team for every game.  Looking forward to individual successes and team developments.

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*Looking for players to complete a few rosters for the 2017 CSL season
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League Principles
CSL Rules of Play       10 Misunderstood Rules (PWSA)
NO competitive or select groups.
POLICY AMENDMENT:  Players with 2 or more seasons of "rep/higher level team" experience are accepted as an AGE ABOVE their Eligibility age (refer to Rules of Play).
ANY PLAYER with "higher level" season experience will have the option to play up a division.


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RULE #1:  Obey the rules.
RULE #2:  Rules are NOT made to be broken.
RULE #3:  Rules don't only apply to those who choose to follow them.

Rules and policies are made to establish an even and fair playing field for all of our participants.  They keep those "circumstances" from becoming an "advantage" for some and a disadvantage for others.
It works because

YOU make it happen.
The Community Softball League is intended for players with an interest in a house league recreational experience as an enjoyable learning and development experience for all of its participants, at every division and skill level.

Teams are determined according to registrations within each local member association (spring deadline).  Every effort is made to accommodate players throughout the league, to provide full participation.

A full season schedule, including mid-season tournament, and playoffs provides the opportunity to learn, develop and compete as a team player in a challenging fastball environment.  Some outside opportunities may exist for further fastball experiences and play (at the coaches' discretion) but it is intended that each team and player commits to the CSL program, NOT in conjunction with OR in preparation for other competitions.

Pitching Style
In Fastball, the ball is pitched with an underhand motion in a straight or flat line, to the catcher.  Fastball pitchers use a pitching style where the pitcher’s arm comes from behind the body and drives forward, at hip level, for release.  A 'windmill’ pitching style, characterized by a backwards circular motion over the head, completing the circle back down at the hip and forward to release, is an option.
(more about "The Game" see FAQs)

Mid-season Tournament

Lots of water but lots of fun and good sportsmanship.
A terrific COMMUNITY effort to drain the Lambeth diamonds.
Novice:  Dorchester
Mites:  schedule to resume Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

What a great weekend of ball! More fun next weekend
Squirt:  Southwest
Bantam:  Southwest #1
Junior:  North
Thanks for supporting our players.

Had a new pitcher pitch and...
she did very well!

Great job girls

The score doesn’t reflect how well they was a good one
and they made some pretty great plays in the field
Very close game, score went back and forth all night.

The game was a really good game...
The girls are having fun and learning!
Lots of new never played before girls with tons of potential!!
Enjoyable game... lots of equal play
and cheering from both teams.

...coaches are great.
The umps were good.
...and the base running...great.

It was a good, close game!

It was an excellent game

Great job at getting games played.

Everyone showed.  It was a fun game....
...Great start.  My girls are having so much fun.

It was a fun game.
It seems like forever since we last played a game
but what a perfect night
for the first game of the season. 
Somewhere, behind the athlete she has become,
and hours of practise,
is a little girl who picked up a ball,
fell in love with the game,
and never looked back.

Thanks to all of those who come out to be a part of supporting the players.
It takes a Community...


For the LOVE of OUR GAME
What matters...
It isn't about the score or the standings
The SMILES are what count.

We're having a ball.

the impact of the experiences
and memories these players take away,
from the opportunities you give them,
will last a life time.

Great fun and sportsmanship, again, in 2017.

Get involved...
with your LOCAL association, for the team
...for THE SPORT!

  "The REAL Spirit of CSL"
displayed by our 2009 Mite Finalists

Last updated on: June 25th, 2017
updates to come

(weekly update)

2017 Mid-Season Tournament be continued
June 9-11: Squirt, Bantam, Junior
June 17-19:  Mite, Novice
provided by B.O.M.B.A and S.L.B.A.
June 27:  Mite game #18

CSL Special Event
June 24th
Skills Competitions
presented by 

To all of our Association Convenors for preparing teams for another CSL season.
More girls, on more teams,
 enjoying a great sport.


Important Dates

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Season Preparations

Concussion Awareness Info

CSL is not responsible for proposals or protocol of other groups. 
As always, every effort is made to respect your interests and protect your information.

Sharing the excitement of the season (updates to come):

This was my daughter's first time playing fastball and we just wanted to thank the organizers for their time and effort in providing this opportunity.  I especially appreciate the efforts of everyone this past weekend.  The weather provided some challenges!  But we all persevered & our season ended on a very positive note.

Letter from a Volunteer Coach (author unknown):
... I thought I’d write an open letter to all of you parents, even though I might never send it.  I’ll start it this way:  “I am a volunteer.”

In today's youth sports culture, things can get pretty intense.  A quick reminder from a young athlete. (check link)