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$297 earned for the girls.
  More GREAT fastball fun ahead in 2020!  Be a part of the season.  Bring a friend.  Register SOON  with your LOCAL Association to allow planning to accommodate teams.
One game, one inning, one play at a time. Every player, every position is important to the team.

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Involvement in any league or level of play is directed by player registrations received, at
the LOCAL Association, for your area.  REGISTRATION is the key to making teams.
The Community Softball League (CSL) provides the opportunity for girls (ages 8 to 21) to be involved in the game of fastball. It is intended for players with an interest in a recreational house league, as an enjoyable learning and development experience, for all of its participants, at every division and skill level.

Teams are determined according to registrations within each local member association (Spring deadline).  Efforts are made to accommodate players throughout the league. MORE

Pitching Style
In Fastball (aka Fast Pitch) Softball, the ball is pitched with an underhand motion, in a straight or flat line, to the catcher. MORE
Fastball pitchers use a pitching style where the pitcher’s arm comes from behind the body and drives forward, at hip level, for release. Rules allow for use of the 'windmill’ pitching style, as an option, characterized by a backwards circular motion above the head, completing the circle back down at the hip and forward to release. Pitchers may also use a style where the pitcher's arm completes only the bottom half or three-quarters of the windmill motion; this pitching style is often used for arms not developd for throwing a full windmill pitch.

(more about "The Game" see FAQs)

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Thank you for "stepping up to the plate".
The participants were fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and energetic group of Coaches to guide them through the 2019 season.

For the LOVE of OUR GAME
What matters...
It isn't the score nor the standings.
The SMILES are what count.

We're having a ball.

the impact of the experiences
 and the memories these players take away,
 from the opportunities you give them,
will last a life time.
Looking forward to more great fun and sportsmanship in 2020.

Be involved...
with your LOCAL association,
for the team
...for THE SPORT!

Well played game on both sides, very friendly coaches.
Great defensive game by both teams.

It's awesome to see the girls progress throughout the season. They are playing heads up ball as well as enjoying being with one another in the dugout. They don't even ask about the score during the game. Great bunch of kids!

A bit warm tonight :), but we still had a good game!!

This was an amazing game, They had great hits, great catches and played excellent defensively tonight. They should all be proud on how well they played.

Fun game. Great pitching. Great hitting.

dodged the weather - but got it in !!

Beat the rain

This was by far the best game of the season tonight, very close game but the friendships were still the main thing

Always fun playing against friends!!!

Fun game.

Good game by both teams

was a good game

The parents applauded the girls as they walked past.

Girls had fun. Close game.

Awesome game.

Great game. Wish we could have played one more inning.

Wonderful game and very even teams!
Thanks for doing everything to get the game rebooked 3 times...

Excellent game & officiating

Great game

good game, they definitely have some strong players

...really love the difference between Mite and Squirt games...they can really hit the ball, love it.

Great team to play against, they can hit the ball.

Enjoyable coaches, good hitting team.

fun game, good coaches
Great game:)
Umpires did awesome.

Great and fun game played.

Great game by both teams

Great pitching on both sides!- good game

Late start but great game. Almost beat them! ...girls had fun as usual.

The game was over after 3 1/2 innings...we played the bottom of the 4th inning...let players be the base coaches in the 4th, it was a much fun.

Another fun game between a lot of friends.

Great game. Coaches are a pleasure to coach against.

fun game, coaches were very positive of both teams

Great game. Fun team to play against.

enjoyable hot summer night

Triple play!

Fun game played between a lot of friends on both teams

Great game! Both teams had many great plays:)

Coach did a great job to get us a location to play and an umpire.

girls played great!

We have 10 players that want to pitch! It's amazing!

Great game. We love playing against them. Coach is an absolute pleasure to be around.

Great game by both the girls and officials!

Great game!

Great tournament, as usual, and I’m so happy girls in London and area get to experience this.

Let the games go on.

Good game, had a lot of fun.

Was great to finally play ball this season.

Umpire kept the game going in a timely fashion.

Lots of fun, great sportsmanship, and positive crowd.

Great job done by all--new umpires did well.

The girls had fun!

Great first game.
Fun team to play.

Finally, we got to play a game!
All the players had a lot of fun.

They were a pleasure to play. Great coach and the girls were having fun.

Umpire was fair and consistent.

Good umps, good game and nice coach.

Cold, but finally got our first game in.

It was chilly!

It was a cold one but all the girls were eager to play...

And the season begins!
Novice: SW and Dorch.
Junior: North/NP and Dorch.
What terrific sports.

All right, all ready.  Let us play!

Be involved...
with your LOCAL association, for the team
...for THE SPORT!

Somewhere, behind the athlete she has become, is a little girl who picked up a ball, fell in love with the game, and never looked back.
Thanks to all of the those who come out to be a part of supporting the players.
It takes the Community...


Last updated on:  Dec. 6, 2019