Terrific tournament.
  See results under Tournaments.
Umpire crews did a terrific job.
A BIG thank you to Byron and Southwest Associations and crews for working so hard to provide everyone a wonderful team-building opportunity for all of our CSL teams.
Thanks, Bob and Deb for supporting our endeavour.

Great Clinic
donated by London Lightning 
Several of our coaches went away with a few
"pearls of wisdom" to get their season off to a good start.
Our sincere appreciation to Terry Woods, Novice Lightning Coach.
Thanks for sharing!

to the Dorchester Association
on receiving S.A.F.E. star recognition
from Softball Ontario for their participation in the

Volunteer Training and Development Program

to all of those individuals and associations that made it all work!!
The girls' successes and smiles spoke their appreciation clearly.
"It takes a 'community'..."
...all of those who were able to lend a hand in providing support in any way.  Every bit helped. 
Thank YOU!


Midgets Aug. 3rd

HAPPY DANCE time!!  All the games have been played and scores reported.  Thank you for an awesome job in providing a full season of opportunities to every team.  Just what we promised! 
Now on to playoffs...sunSHINE, please.

...a triple play!!  We may never see one again but it was extremely exciting.

...the umps were excellent.
...called a strike a strike and called balls that were balls.
It was pleasant.

Great girls and super coaches!  It was a great close game last night.  It's nice to see other coaches working with the girls to help them learn the game and have FUN!! and to see how much they have all improved over the season.

...last inning...bases loaded with two outs and our batter struck out – it was a great game.  Kudos to their pitcher!

...select team 2nd in the Ancaster tournament

...great pitching, hitting, and fielding plays
...great time

Thank you to the London Nationals Boys' Mosquito team for sharing their water with the Mite teams playing in North.

...triples and doubles at bat and good plays on the field.

...having the best season.  Best girls, best parents, best times...most FUN.
(there might be some competition on this one...anybody else?)

This one falls under the TRUE SPIRIT OF CSL

...both teams, actually, only had 7 players show up.
 We decided to play it out, knowing that we didn’t meet the official game criteria of at least 8 players.  Turns out we tied, as well...felt it was worth playing it out for the kids' sake and they had a lot of fun playing. Umpire stayed and officiated the game...

...the BEST game of the season.  5 innings in, and neither team gave up the dreaded 7 runs in an inning.  It was only fitting that the game ended as it did...in a tie.

It was a great game – both teams played well.

...yet another beautiful night for baseball and lots of fun.
...a fun game to play and the umpire was fabulous.

Another single-player DOUBLE play in the Mite division.

"...did our pre-game cheer together as one group."

Thank you, thank you, thank you...


Great Clinics!!!