Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fastball?
10 Most Misunderstood Rules
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*exception:  32' Mite pitching distance (for remainder of 2022 season)
Season Preparations Include

  1. What is Fast Pitch (Fastball) Softball?
  2. Where do I register?
    • Registration is determined by the location in which you reside (refer to "Territory" links on main page).  Each association conducts their own registration.  Most associations have registration possibilities on-line and in person. 
    • For further information e-mail:
  3. Where can I find a team at my division interest? 
    • Local registrations determine the teams.  Team potential within each association is determined by the registrations received within the association.  Register locally for attention to your placement.
  4. What if the local association doesn't have a team at my level?
    • By early April, team possibilities within each association will be determined by the number of registrations.  Associations not having numbers to form a team at a specific division will coordinate through the league to accommodate players and player groups.  Associations may choose to combine to make a team possible or locate available placements for individuals, within the league.