The Community Softball League, also referred to as "CSL" and "the league", serves as the umbrella group for London and area member associations providing for team participation, to play and learn the game of fastball in houseleague programs.

The League provides the opportunity for girls (ages 8 to 21) to be involved in a recreational season intended to allow girls of any skill level to learn, develop, and enjoy playing the game of fastball (as per Softball Canada/Ontario) with girls of similar age.  Prior experience in not required in the league.

1.  The Community Softball League, as a committee, is directed by dedicated VOLUNTEER members and executive, involved with the league and committed to providing an independent and organized houseleague season to encourage healthy participation, develop character and discipline and promote teamwork.

2.  The Associations eligible to participate under the umbrella of the league are located within an area generally designated as:

3.  Executive

4.      Meetings:

5.  Teams:


7.  Committees:

    Judicial Committee

8.  Dates:

1.      March/April: Convenors' Meeting:  (date and place to be determined)

a.      registration declarations required

b.      April 15th: Final Team Declaration

                                                    i.     -CHEQUE, diamond locations, nights, times needed, rosters

2.      April/May: Coaches' Meeting:  (date and place to be determined)

a.       prior to season start

3.      Season start:  2nd or 3rd week in May

4.       Mid-Season Tournament :  mid to late June

a.      consideration to exam schedules

5.      June 30th: Finalized rosters (no adds/drops after this date)

6.      Playoffs:  mid August (date and place to be determined)

  9.      Schedules:

10.  Tournaments (2 kinds)


11.  Coaches:

12.  Games and Reports

Scores:  BOTH teams are expected to report scores
               Scorekeepers should be advised to:

                        Record pitcher for each inning, both teams

                        Check the scores throughout.
                        Confirm scores at the end of the game.


13.  Compliance:

14. Umpires:

15.  PLAYOFFS (basic information):